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One Small Change


"More graduate events organised by the company."
Graduate, London
"A pay increase of even a small amount would make the firm stand out."
Graduate, London
"Perhaps longer rotations within departments."
Retail, Graduate, London
"You have to apply for a post-chartership job internally and have up to three interviews before qualifying. I think it would be better if this was done after the assessments have taken place instead of while you are trying to revise and prepare for the assessment."
Graduate, London
"More firm away-days. The company has an away-day every other year, which is always good for other offices to integrate. However, I feel this should be an annual event, especially as we are recruiting and offices are growing rapidly."
Graduate, Cardiff
"Regional offices should offer a rotation programme to their graduates similar to the London office."
Graduate, Manchester


"I would like the firm to provide more information about career potential after graduate programme finishes."
Graduate, London
"Personally I think the firm should look to improve the salary offered to graduates, or provide for a larger increase following the completion of a successful first year of training."
Graduate, Manchester


"I think Gerald Eve should put itself out there a bit more to attract the highest calibre graduates."
Graduate, London
"The company should introduce a small test at the end of each rotation to ensure you know about the competency you have just been signed off at."
Graduate, London
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