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7.7 / 10

(based on 15 ratings in 2016)


"We receive an average salary in line with the industry."
Graduate, London
"It's the industry standard for London with a bonus included."
Retail, Graduate, London
"It is the average wage for this level of my job in London."
Graduate, London
"The pay as a graduate is good and in line with my friends working for other firms."
Graduate, London
"Pretty solid, industry standard. Pay is based on your level of experience."
Graduate, Cardiff
"I think that the salary is reasonable and benefits are fair and justified. I have heard of other firms paying graduates slightly higher. However, they seem to not see much difference following qualification."
Graduate, Manchester


"I have several years of experience but had never qualified as a Chartered Surveyor. As a result, I had to take a pay cut to enter the Graduate Programme."
Experienced, London
"As employees we always want higher pay. Gerald Eve review this regularly and keep in line with industry and market trends."
Graduate, London
"Salaries on offer are consistent with the industry average, the joining bonus was helpful."
Graduate, London
"My salary seems to be in line with what other property companies offer their graduate starters."
Graduate, London
"Currently salaries are in line with what all property graduates receive. I am concerned we do not get as much of an increase as other firms upon qualifying though."
Graduate, London


"I think that the pay is good for the industry generally, however graduate salaries haven't increased by much in years and I think this needs to be reconsidered in line with the cost of living nowadays. Bonuses are relatively small for graduates."
Graduate, London
"I know other companies which pay more but I also know companies that pay less so I think GE probably have it right."
Graduate, London
"It is a standard graduate salary for a graduate surveyor so you can't complain. Bonuses have not been given out for this financial year yet."
Graduate, London
"I think pay is good at Gerald Eve. I also can't complain on bonuses as I've been given a joining bonus (through my employment through the grad scheme), Christmas bonus, and am anticipating an end of year bonus in the coming months."
Graduate, London
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