"We have a buddy budget, which is quite large and allows us to go out for a series of nice lunches or dinners to integrate new joiners to the firm. We also have a book budget of $600 and all associates and trainees get a client development budget and a trainee budget of $1,000 per year. In addition to this, associates are invited to retreats in the US, which are great fun."
"We get free dinners when we work late and free taxis home. We have a buddy system where a budget is allocated to new joiners to be used on drinks, restaurants and events etc. We also have a marketing budget, a book budget and a training budget for things like attending conferences. We also have other advantages in relation to our pension and benefits like BUPA."
"Partners are generous at closing celebrations. Most associates get their own offices. There's also a generous client development budget that trainees are expected to spend (and no stringent rules on who counts as a client)."
Second year trainee, London
"A $1,000 marketing budget that allows us to start building up potential client contacts from an early stage in our careers. It also shows recognition from the firm that we can provide as much value to the firm as an associate can."
First year trainee, London
"Retreats in the US! Buddy and mentoring programmes."
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