What the Company says

Joe was recruited through last year’s graduate recruitment programme and commenced with us a few months ago. 

Reporting directly to Ben Leek, Joe has already undertaken a wide variety of responsibilities – identifying sites, undertaking site appraisals, carrying out financial appraisals and assisting with the acquisition process.  He works closely with the technical and design teams, together with external consultants, which have already given him a thorough introduction to the commercial aspects of working in the property industry.  One of Joe’s key challenges will be to start developing his own network of contacts – in order to do this he will have to display significant knowledge and personal confidence together with the need to quickly establish his own credibility.

Training and development on the programme are tailored specifically to Joe’s requirements and combine formal training, on-the-job development, quarterly formal individual performance reviews which are supported by regular informal feedback, and annual appraisals.

Joe has fitted very quickly into both the Land and the wider teams in his first few months with us.  He has displayed a quick grasp of the issues, an enquiring mind and a genuine eagerness to absorb as much information as possible.  We are looking forward to watching Joe develop in confidence and ability as he progresses through the development programme.

What Joe says

The Goldcrest selection process is specifically designed to test a variety of attributes and abilities that are required for this unique role. The process is rigorous but enjoyable, testing your ingenuity, efficiency and adaptability through a number of interviews, presentations and real project assessments. This provides you with an experience of the work that you will undertaking if successful in securing the role. 

It is paramount to Goldcrest that they have complete confidence in your ability,  as from day one you are entrusted with a substantial amount of responsibility, taking direct control of projects working with agents, consultants and buyers. This makes you feel a valued member of the team from the start and shows faith in your abilities. This greatly benefits your learning and career progression as you gain first-hand experience and make personal contacts which few other companies would offer. 

You must have the ability to work independently and to problem solve creatively, coming up with solutions to issues. The success of Goldcrest is largely underpinned by the value that its employees add to tasks in order to unlock challenging sites. I love coming into work not knowing what project I will be working on or which site I will be sent to. The fast-paced, decisive culture of Goldcrest means that every day is interesting with time split between working with the in-house architectural team, undertaking site visits and meeting agents to name but a few responsibilities.

You work with a small, dedicated, close knit team. In direct collaboration with senior staff member including the Executive Chairman, directors, architects and external consultants, you are exposed to a wealth of expertise and knowledge that greatly enhances your understanding and development within the industry. The Goldcrest culture centres on debate and interaction, allowing you to propose ideas whilst challenging others, with all contributions valued.

There are no barriers to personal career growth with Goldcrest and co-workers offer support, training and quarterly reviews to cultivate the skills required to be a successful land buyer. The best aspect of the role is that there is always something new to learn – the only problems is how to fit it all in!