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Answering questions on GSK’s online application form: hints and tips

Before you start writing your application for GSK, you’ll need to have done this essential preparation:

  • Checked GSK’s application timetable
  • Researched GSK internships and graduate programmes
  • Reviewed GSK’s graduate competencies.

Answering questions on GSK’s online application form

The 'motivation questions' section of GSK’s online application form includes two competency questions which must be answered within a maximum of 300 words.

What specifically interests you about working for GSK? Think about what motivates and interests you about working for GSK, and within the healthcare industry.

Here are some things that you could consider to help tailor your answer:

  • What specifically stands out for you about GSK? Is it the company’s £4 billion annual investment in research and development? The fact that it operates in more than 100 countries worldwide? Or perhaps you’re a big fan of Lucozade, and want the chance to work on such a well known brand? Think about what GSK does that its rivals don’t and use this to illustrate your answer.
  • Think about GSK’s culture and values and how these align with your own. Are you an honest, open person who believes strongly in the importance of transparency? Is the customer (or the patient) your main focus and motivator? It’s also worth keeping GSK’s mission in mind: ‘To improve the quality of human life’. How did this influence your decision to apply?
  • Do any of GSK’s projects or products particularly interest you? You could think about recent medicine developments like the new COPD and rheumatoid arthritis treatments currently being tested; large-scale health initiatives like its work to create a malaria vaccine for patients in Sub-Saharan Africa; or ongoing work on consumer healthcare products, such as NiQuitin tobacco replacement products.
  • Progression opportunities are also something to consider – current chief executive Andrew Witty joined Glaxo as a graduate in 1985, so there is definitely scope to carve out a long-term career at GSK.

Please tell us what interests you about this particular discipline/programme? Think about how you will utilise your strengths, skills, experience and knowledge to deliver high quality result

Here are some things that you could consider to help tailor your answer:

  • What does the programme involve? GSK’s graduate programmes are rotational, with placements in various different business areas – are there particular placement areas that you’re keen to try? Or maybe it’s the length of the programme that interests you – engineering and science are three-year schemes, while procurement and human resources last only two years. How might this affect your longer-term career development?
  • How did your relevant experience or knowledge influence your decision to apply? Rather than simply stating that you have previously worked in a sales role, explain that the experience made you realise that you wanted to work in a customer-facing environment because you enjoyed using your communication and persuasion skills. Similarly, if you have excellent technical knowledge of engineering processes used in GSK’s business, explain this in as much detail as possible.
  • DON’T miss the point of what this particular business function does – talking about research if you’re applying to finance won’t do you any favours.
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