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Your Pupillage

Pupillage is an intense twelve-month training programme which sees graduates turned into practising barristers in a very short space of time. The learning curve is steep, the work is demanding and the hours can be long but the result is worth it: a career at the bar.

At Henderson Chambers, our objective is to ensure that our pupils see and undertake a broad range of work across all of our practice areas. Our pupils are therefore overseen by four supervisors over the course of the year. Pupils will undertake work for their supervisors (as well as for other members of Chambers) in order to learn from experience and to develop the skills necessary to succeed.

Having watched from the shadows for the first six months, come March, it's your turn! You'll be on your feet in Court with your own clients, your own skeleton and your own arguments.

What we offer

We usually offer up to two funded pupillages a year. Our pupils receive a minimum remuneration of £50,000. This consists of a guaranteed award of £50,000, plus any additional earnings during the second six.

We are very happy for pupils to draw upon their pupillage award during the BPTC year as we appreciate that the cost of a legal education is significant. As such, up to £10,000 of the award may be drawn down at any time after the offer of pupillage is accepted.

Applying to us

We only accept applications via Pupillage Gateway. The deadline is usually the end of April but you can get more information from Pupillage Gateway. We usually have 2 rounds of interviews, although we may ask our top candidates to come into Chambers after the second round.

The first round will be with 3 members of Chambers, will usually involve a set question and will involve a general chat about your interests and career plans. The second round is a little more challenging and will usually involve the full pupillage committee. You will be grilled on a set question and your CV will be forensically investigated by some leading cross-examiners.

Usually, we send out our offers in early August - in the year before the September when you will usually start your pupillage. We usually offer 2 pupillage, but in an exceptional year, we might offer more.

We accept applications from those exempt from any part of the BPTC or Pupillage, but you should also apply via Pupillage Gateway.

Remember to mention TARGETjobs when contacting employers!