Interview Questions


"Interview questions included: tell us something you've failed at? Why do you want to work at Hewlett Packard? What are your strengths?"
Graduate, Newcastle
"I was asked about some business case studies and technical related tasks, and to answer some experience based questions."
Graduate, Norwich
"I was asked about where I saw myself in five years and why I wanted to work for Hewlett Packard."
Graduate, Erskine
"In the interview I was asked to discuss my reasons for applying for the role, my work experience and how it could relate to the particular role, some competency based questions, and questions in relation to my current skills and how they could bring value to the company."
Graduate, London
"There were a lot of questions I was asked on my interview and as it was just over a year ago, I struggle to recall a lot of them. I think some of the most relevant ones were; Why would you like to work for HP? What technical experience do you have that you have not mentioned yet? How do react in situations where there is high pressure from tight deadlines? (Provide an example) How can HP help you achieve your aspirations?"
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"My interview consisted of team leadership questions, and success stories from my previous work and university. I was also asked to describe the work that Hewlett Packard does, and any areas for improvement."
Graduate, Bracknell
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