Interview: Tips & Advice


"Understand the Hewlett Packard culture and understand how to work with case studies."
Graduate, Norwich
"Ensure that you know the job you are applying for and do not be put off by the technology elements of the company; remember that you will be trained and they want to identify your core skills and values rather than your product knowledge (this is if you are applying for a sales role)."
Graduate, Erskine
"Depending on your job role, do your research on Hewlett Packard and the position which you are applying for, and tailor your CV to make that look like a natural step forward."
Graduate, Erskine
"Prepare examples of success stories from previous jobs and university projects, or leading clubs and sports teams, etc. Make yourself stand out by sounding confident on your success with key numbers, figures, etc. Display your understanding of the huge, complex culture at Hewlett Packard and how it's constantly changing. Give a few examples of recent stories regarding press, and have a vague knowledge of the organisations within Hewlett Packard."
Graduate, Bracknell
"Candidates should ask the interviewer about all aspects of the graduate scheme before accepting."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"My advice for candidates is to revise their CV, and have answers in mind for interview questions."
Graduate, Bracknell
"Research the company and try to identify your skills with its values."
Graduate, Newcastle
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