Offices & Dress

8.1 / 10

(based on 16 ratings in 2014)


"We wear smart office attire in the office, and because it's head office we are expected to dress for customers being on-site."
Graduate, Bracknell
"The Bracknell office can be quiet."
Graduate, Bracknell
"The company's offices vary depending on what site you're based on. Over on Cobalt there are different rules depending on whether you're on a customer facing site, or a non-customer facing site. However, smart/casual dress code is generally the norm."
Graduate, Newcastle
"My office is spacious with good resources and facilities to complete tasks. We have a professional dress code."
Graduate, London
"In my opinion, my offices are in a poor location with limited facilities but the office space is good. The canteen is quite expensive, and we have no gym facilities, or sports equipment. The location has good transport links."
Graduate, Bracknell
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