Relations with Management

8.1 / 10

(based on 16 ratings in 2014)


"I have had great mentors and direct access to managers, senior managers and all others for advice."
Graduate, Bracknell
"I get along with management very well, and my direct manager has a one-to-one meeting every week. Executives always address the whole team and will speak to you if you are in the office."
Graduate, Bracknell
"Generally management interact very well with employees in my experience; there is an 'open-door' policy and the open-plan offices make a massive difference to employee/manager relations. Everyone is generally very approachable."
Graduate, Newcastle
"At Hewlett Packard we have an 'open-door' policy, this means you are free to approach anyone, we all sit together and are not divided from anyone, and this helps for an open communication zone. You can approach any manager and ask for them to mentor, if they have the time they will do their best by you."
Graduate, Newcastle
"I have found that managers are quite accessible. They are usually based in different locations or work from home, but they are accessible through calls and emails."
Graduate, London
"Managers all make themselves very accessible, and I have been surprised at how 'open-door' Hewlett Packard is as a company. I actually have a separate Mentor to my managers, and he is just as fantastic and accessible."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"My manager is based in California, so communication is very limited due to the time zone and face-to-face opportunities. Performance feedback isn't directly from my day-to-day project manager; however, Hewlett Packard provides plenty of mentors to provide excellent advice and support."
Graduate, Bracknell
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