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Finesse Finance Graduate Programme - EMEA 2019

What is the aim of the Programme?

The Finesse programme aims to develop a group of talented, internationally mobile Finance people and fast track them to Finance Director positions within 5-8 years of starting the Programme.

What will I do?

Finesse consists of a 24-month training programme which encompasses two international 12-month placements in our hotels. During your placements, you will gain all-round Finance experience whilst working in all the main Finance functions. You will also gain exposure in the other key functional areas of Operations, Business Development and Human Resources. You will participate in off-the-job training and have business driven projects to complete. Following successful completion of this 2 year programme you will then be assigned into a full-time Finance role in year 3.

During Finesse your progress is constantly assessed, so you always know how you are developing. As the programme is so flexible, it will take into account all training that you have had to date and build on it, rather than making you repeat things unnecessarily.

Where will I be?

The location of your placements will depend on availability and could be anywhere within the Europe, Middle East and Africa region (subject to Visa restrictions etc.)

Learning & Development:

The key focus here will be for you to complete the CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) Professional Finance qualification. This is a highly regarded professional qualification with global recognition in the Finance profession. This process will be supported by Hilton in terms of both funding and learning support. The CIMA qualification typically takes 3 years to complete, so this will be completed during your first 2 placements and then completed in your 3rd year whilst working full-time within one of our hotel operations. During your 24-month training you will also take part in a number of other face-to-face training courses focused on other business competence areas. As a Finesse participant you will also have access to the Hilton University, our on-line learning and development tool, through which you can complete e-learning courses, learn a language on-line and make use of our on-line business library.

Support all the Way:

Finesse participants are supported throughout their career progression with the Finesse Mentoring Programme where senior managers within Hilton take on the role of Mentors.

Are you someone who is Smart? Passionate? Ambitious?

These are the questions that we ask any potential candidate before they apply to the Finesse Programme.

There are other key criteria for the Finesse Programme:

  • You must have a Finance and/or Economic related Bachelor’s Degree and are graduated in the period of July 2017 until August 2019.
  • You are available to start in fulltime employment in September 1st, 2019
  • You must speak, read and write English fluently
  • You must obtain a passport from one of the EMEA countries and be willing/able to live and work in EMEA
  • You must be fully mobile within the 2 year Program
  • You must have the desire to become a Finance Director

Remember to mention TARGETjobs when contacting employers!