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Hogan Lovells

Ben Bridgland

Job title: 
Trainee Solicitor
Ben studied Law at the University of Oxford.
  • Degree: Law, Wadham College, University of Oxford
  • Joined: March 2013
  • Doing now: Financial services dispute resolution
  • Office location: London
  • Favourite film: The Italian Job (the original, obviously)

Studying law at university meant that I was always aware of the possibility of pursuing a career as a solicitor. When researching law firms, it became clear that I wanted to work in a market leading firm that operates on a multi-jurisdictional basis. Hogan Lovells' international presence and impressive client list were therefore extremely appealing. Hogan Lovells has departments that are market leading in their own right; they do not just act as corporate support. This was also very appealing; it sets Hogan Lovells apart from many other firms.

When choosing the firms I wanted to apply to I was keen to investigate the differing cultures. At university I was heavily involved in the Law Society which gave me great exposure to the City's top firms. I got involved in a large number of events with a variety of firms which enabled me to appreciate what made each distinctive. I had substantial contact with Hogan Lovells: I attended an open day; a talk on campus; and a summer vacation scheme. The overarching impression I got was one of approachability. Hogan Lovells does not have the same hierarchal feel that many other firms do. The best example of this is office doors are always open ensuring that everyone feels like a valued member of the team.

I am currently in my first seat in the financial services dispute resolution team. Whilst the level of responsibility was daunting at first, I am really enjoying it. Most of my work relates to one piece of litigation and it has been really rewarding to see my personal input help the case progress. Even on discrete tasks, both associates and partners take time out to give me the context enabling me to appreciate the bigger picture where my work will fit in.

After university I had plans for a gap year but unfortunately a sporting injury prevented these. Instead, I used the opportunity to work for a world leading bank in their UK headquarters. This proved good experience, but Hogan Lovells' offer of post qualification leave may well still provide the opportunity to fulfil some travel ‘dreams’ around the Americas.