HPi Verification Services Ltd

HPi Verification Services turned 20 years old in 2017. You may not have heard of us because we began as a department of the UK Atomic Energy Authority and were subsequently sold off by the Government. After a couple of re-brands, we ultimately became the current organisation in 2010. We are a 'Notified Body' which means we have a license from the UK Government to certify products to various EU regulations (called Directives). Don't panic about Brexit! We have a company in Ireland and our accreditation will continue beyond UK's exit from EU..... should it ever happen.

We understand that certification may not appear to graduates as exciting as manufacturing but you would be very surprised. Where manufacturers specialise in certain product types, HPiVS staff work with different manufacturers in different sectors every week. Often they will be in different countries. So in one year, our staff see a greater variety of product types, materials and manufacturing methods than could ever been seen in an entire career of working for manufacturers. And while we are visiting these clients, we are building relationships with them.

The UK Atomic Energy Authority invented risk-based inspection and maintenance programs. Having started out as UKAEA's Certification Department, we have a reputation for being able to see beyond the words of the regulations and standards. Our engineers use the experience gleaned from their varied work to understand the critical issues and to develop an assessment plan that provides industry and users with confidence, as well as compliance. As a result of this, we are asked to certify many of the most innovative products that come to market. We've certified products that have been the focus of TV programs as diverse as 'Top Gear' and 'George Clarke's Amazing Spaces' as well as used in the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, just because they are so special.
When the industry standards don't apply, our engineers have to assess the hazards and find ways to compute whether the risks associated with the product are not just compliant but likely to be acceptable to the user. We may often be the first people outside the manufacturer ever to see the product and so we have a duty of care both to protect the public from dangerous products and also to help manufacturers exploit their innovative idea. This makes our relationship with manufacturers both intense and rewarding.

While we use many familiar engineering tools for our assessments, we also need to make our own custom tools . Of course we use Excel and we have sold many spreadsheets to clients who appreciate our skills. So IT skills are highly valued here. MathCAD is also a key tool for us as it is an excellent tool for explaining our methodology alongside our calculations. This means we need Engineers who appreciate that physics and maths form the foundation of a good engineering mind. If you think this way, you'll find working here more varied and exciting than you ever thought certification could be.

We are offering 1 marine and 1 mechanical paid internship starting Summer 2018 and running for 12 months. We may offer permanent employment at the end of the internship if the candidate shows the right aptitude and the company needs the extra staff at that time.


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