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Fun Facts


"One of the very first customers on the ledger from 150 years ago still banks here today."
Graduate, Liverpool
"In Hong Kong, we still print the money. Literally."
Graduate, London
"We have three huge UK grad committees."
Graduate, London
"We give massive amounts to charity."
Graduate, London
"Montreal is the city in the background of our mobile app."
Graduate, St Helier
"The two lions that sit outside HSBC headquarters are called Stephen and Stitt and were named after two senior managers many years ago."
Graduate, Various across UK
"The two lions that sit outside the majority of our main offices globally signify protection and security, growth and prosperity dating back to 1921. Not to mention the fact that it looks pretty impressive!"
Graduate, Miami


"The HSBC logo is inspired by the Scottish flag, (the bank's creator were Scottish)."
Graduate, London
"We have Europe's biggest corporate gym in our office."
Graduate, London
"We are all getting an extra days holiday next year to celebrate our 150th anniversary."
Graduate, London
"Our head office is the fifth tallest building in the UK."
Graduate, London
"HSBC stands for The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation."
Graduate, London


"HSBC are celebrating their 150th Anniversary next year - hopefully a very exciting time to be working for them!"
Graduate, London
"HSBC is Europe's biggest bank!"
Graduate, London
"HSBC has the largest trading floor in Europe."
Graduate, London
"Regularly throughout the year, HSBC offer anybody the chance to compete in 'The Stairway to Hell'. This consists of running up each flight of stairs within the Tower as quickly as possible for Charity, and huge numbers of people get involved!"
Graduate, London
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