Hymans Robertson LLP

Delivering better outcomes for our clients is what gets us up in the morning. We love solving problems and have definitely found that two heads (or more) are always better than one when it comes to finding the best answer. Diversity is the key. Combining different perspectives, styles, experience and skills are the magic ingredients.

Everyone at Hymans Robertson is treated fairly and equally. Despite that however, like many businesses in the UK, we find women are under-represented at a senior level in the firm. Over the past 3 years we have worked to redress the imbalance and have made some good progress: women now represent nearly 30% of our partners. Our work is far from finished however, and we continue to challenge unconscious bias and out-dated perceptions of work and career paths to increase the number of women progressing to the top level in our firm.

Ultimately our goal is to become gender-blind, where both male and female colleagues can enjoy the same opportunities for rewarding careers, shared parenting and to lead the firm towards its 100th birthday in 2021 and beyond.

In pursuit of this we offer reciprocal mentoring, flexible working practices, technology to support agile working and support for those returning from parental leave. We do not run women only development programmes but instead look to develop a shared understanding of the opportunities and barriers to advancement for both men and women.

Of course diversity isn’t all about gender. Unconscious bias is diversity’s biggest enemy, and we make good use of our growing understanding of this to make Hymans Robertson an inclusive work place for all.