Hymans Robertson LLP


8.7 / 10

(based on 14 ratings in 2017)


"We have a very friendly office, a great atmosphere and frequent social events. It's easy to work with anyone in the team and ask questions of anyone."
Entry level, Edinburgh
"The structure is very flat with lots of contact with partners. Cooperation is strong within client teams and across different departments. The social scene is fantastic!"
Graduate, Glasgow
"It's a very sociable office with lots of out-of-work events. We have an open-plan office (no employee has their own office, regardless of seniority), which leads to a positive team atmosphere."
Mid level, Glasgow
"There's a very good atmosphere in the office as it's relaxed but people get the work done. The non-hierarchical structure makes me feel like a valued member of the team. We all work as a team and, if people are struggling with work, the rest of the team are always happy to help where they can. The social aspect is good but maybe could be improved. However the newly-formed social committee is making an effort to do this."
Graduate, Brimingham
"There's a great culture with a lack of a hierarchical structure that's beneficial for all. There are plenty of social activities and it's a very generous company in terms of organised social events it puts on. There's a strong focus on teamwork as everyone looks out for each other."
Mid level, Glasgow
"There is very much a team-orientated culture at Hymans. This is particularly shown by our open-plan offices where senior members of staff (including partners) sit among the rest of the employees. There is also a strong push to have regular social events within internal teams and practices."
Graduate, London
"There is a friendly and sociable culture with very little hierarchical structure. It is easy to approach colleagues at all levels of the company and you are often given the opportunity to work with anyone, from new graduates to partners. The office is open-plan and there is a relaxed but focused atmosphere in the office."
Graduate, London
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