Hymans Robertson LLP

Interview: Tips & Advice


"Practise many competency and strength-based interview questions and online tests beforehand. Make sure your CV is succinct and relevant. Understand what actuaries do and why you want to become one."
Entry level, Edinburgh
"Prepare for the interview by learning a little bit about the pensions industry and any recent news you've heard about it. Make sure you've got a rough idea about the actuarial exams and any exemptions you think you may gain."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Try to know a bit about the industry and the job you are applying for. Know about the exams and know about the company."
Mid level, Birmingham
"My main advice for candidates is just to ensure that you are well prepared for every stage and that you are confident in yourself. Be well prepared and confident to make a great first impression on the individual dealing with the application."
Mid level, Edinburgh
"There was an application form, an initial telephone interview and a face-to-face interview. I would recommend that potential interviewees do significant research on Hymans and the role that they are applying for (especially the exam commitments). Be yourself in the interview and try to relax, it is your chance to sell yourself."
Mid level, Glasgow
"Academic skills are important but it is also important that you fit in with the company's culture. Make sure to show your enthusiasm and be clear about what sort of role you are looking for. The process is heavily based on strengths so have a think about what your strengths are prior to the interview."
Graduate, London
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