Hymans Robertson LLP

Offices & Dress

8.6 / 10

(based on 14 ratings in 2017)


"We have an excellent office space and facilities as well as a relaxed dress code."
Entry level, Edinburgh
"We recently moved to a 'dress for your day' dress code where casual wear can be worn on any day unless you're meeting clients."
Mid level, Glasgow
"The office space is very open and has great facilities. We have just implemented a new casual dress code in the office when you're outside of client meetings."
Mid level, Birmingham
"There's a good open office space with lots of light and good kitchen facilities. We could maybe do with another fridge in the Birmingham office as it's getting to be a bit of a squeeze these days! The dress code has recently changed to casual all the time, which I like."
Graduate, Brimingham
"You have your own desk on the work floor and there's usually six desks to every work station. It's easy to communicate with other people as nobody has their own office."
Graduate, Glasgow
"We have a great office space and the dress code has recently changed to an optional casual dress policy."
Mid level, Glasgow
"They are open-plan and bright, with social spaces for lunch times. Some small and private working areas are provided when required. The dress code has just changed from business to casual, which has been an interesting transition."
Graduate, London
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