Hymans Robertson LLP

Relations with Management

8.2 / 10

(based on 14 ratings in 2017)


"The structure is very flat and managers are accessible. Lots of effort is made to share management views and plans."
Graduate, Glasgow
"There are no offices for managers, which is a huge bonus and breaks down a lot of barriers. Managers are very helpful with guiding you through your career."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Managers are very accessible. We have people managers, study advisers and team leaders, who are all great advisers. Praise and feedback is given regularly and it is always possible to address issues if necessary."
Mid level, Birmingham
"Managers are very accessible and approachable. They make a big effort to keep everyone in the loop about any new business developments and what is going on in the company. They also make an effort to visit other offices and put on internal webinars and 'ask' sessions so that everyone is kept up to date. I don't receive much direct feedback from managers, but they ensure that praise is given either to the whole team or smaller teams for particular projects etc."
Graduate, Brimingham
"It's unavoidable that managers will be busy but they do try to make time for other team members. I have a monthly catch up with my people manager who I can discuss anything with (any problems or just what work is like in general), which is helpful. Management will give you email updates of how the company is progressing and sets an annual meeting to talk to the whole office about this."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Managers are really accessible and try to adapt their style of mentoring to fit your needs."
Graduate, London
"The office is open-plan so all managers are accessible all of the time. The general structure of the company is very flat so there are rarely any barriers to approaching management. There are formal processes for giving and receiving feedback but everyone is happy to provide informal feedback at any point. Your individual manager and mentor tends to be someone not too much more senior than you, this helps when you are going through exams as they can relate to how you are feeling."
Graduate, London
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