Hymans Robertson LLP

Satisfaction with Work

8.2 / 10

(based on 14 ratings in 2017)


"I get a great variety of interesting tasks for different clients and a good mix of maths and writing. My job has evolved over the previous year to become more challenging and interesting."
Entry level, Edinburgh
"I've had varied work where each day is different and brings new challenges. There are opportunities for technical work as well as consulting opportunities to speak to clients and attend meetings."
Mid level, Glasgow
"I perform a lot of varied tasks within my job and there isn't really an 'average' day. There is a lot of calculation work at this level but I also get the opportunity to work on communications to clients and governance work."
Graduate, Glasgow
"There's very varied work and I have the opportunity to get involved in lots of different things."
Graduate, Brimingham
"I've been assigned a wide variety of work and I have had the chance to attend a few client meetings in my first year of working here. My client work is also very varied and I work with a mixture of schemes and clients/other advisers. I have also joined internal working groups that do the work I enjoy."
Graduate, Glasgow
"There's a range of opportunities at different levels and I get to work with senior members of the team."
Graduate, London
"I've been involved in a variety of technical work and consulting that has significantly developed my skills. My day-to-day role has typically involved checking and reviewing actuarial calculations, preparing client reports and papers for client meetings, managing day-to-day interactions with clients and supporting senior members at Hymans in their role as advisers to clients."
Graduate, London
"There are a lot of opportunities within the company to get involved with a wide variety of work and to shape the type of work you spend most of your time doing. I have recently been spending more time working on developing new business opportunities as I find this an enjoyable area."
Mid level, Edinburgh
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