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During my final year at Bristol I was faced with applying for graduate schemes. While I had thoroughly enjoyed my time studying various areas within Psychology, I decided that I wanted to use my psychology degree and understanding of people in a corporate world, settling on Sales to do so. I was motivated by working in a face to face sales role dealing with people daily to solve business issues and the most important factor in a graduate scheme for me was that I would be challenged. After completing various assessment centers and interviews I decided that IBM was the company to begin my career.

IBM is a company that provides fantastic opportunities for graduates, interns and apprentices. From the moment you begin you are taken seriously and very early on in my career I was attending C-suite customer meetings in various different accounts. One of the most appealing factors to me about this graduate scheme is the flexibility. This enables every graduate to have their own experience and focus on areas they enjoy and skills they wish to build. The sales training that IBM provide their graduates with is fantastic and extremely highly regarded both internally and externally. IBM Global Sales School gives you an opportunity to learn and participate in all varieties of client situation and gain world class education and feedback on your responses. As a result of all of the acquisitions and innovation that IBM do I have gained experience of a large world-renowned organisation but also experienced the excitement and passion of a continuous start-up. My most positive experience however about IBM, is the people. There is a fantastic culture where it is not uncommon for a graduate to approach a senior IBM-er to discuss an account or to gain career advice, and is actively encouraged. This has enabled me to learn at a faster rate than I had thought I would and generate both fantastic experience and network.

Since starting my career with IBM I have had many highlights and opportunities. I have been able to travel internationally and have been put forward to represent IBM at a number of awards, both internally and externally. I was also selected to attend a leadership course at Sandhurst Academy to further experience and skills in this area which was fantastic. The importance IBM place on volunteering and giving back to the community have enabled me to become one of the management board of CyberChampions, a non-profit organisation educating children around cyber security. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 2 years on the graduate scheme at IBM and would encourage any enthusiastic and driven person to apply themselves.