I joined IBM in September 2016 after completing my masters, having been offered a job during the summer of 2015 off the back of taking part in the IBM Extreme Blue Summer Internship. Having experienced the dynamically innovative culture of the IBM Hursley Labs during my internship, the choice to return seemed nothing other than obvious!

As a graduate I was slowly eased into working life, with my manager ensuring that I was exposed to all the roles in my team to gain me as much exposure, insight and training under their mentoring guidance as possible. Alongside my team manager, I was also assigned an Early Professional Development manager for 6 months, who acted as an incredibly useful resource of information, guidance and contacts; helping accelerate my personal progress.

In line with my development, I have been given more and more responsibility to match, providing me with opportunities to be further challenged and stretched. Within the first few months I was tasked with the responsibility of helping develop the team’s new UI within IBM Bluemix, giving me the opportunity to expand my skill-set in learning Angular 2, and providing me with the chance to impress by successfully implementing all the required features well before the set deadline. Since then, I have been trained in our operations procedures, allowing me to earn extra by joining the standby on-call rotor; and have been actively involved in developing our team’s vNext service, meaning that I have been able to get hands on with new tech such as Golang and Kubernetes.

Alongside my daily responsibilities, I have been actively encouraged by my manager to widen my horizons and experience. Paired with the vast number of opportunities made available by IBM’s huge network, in the short time I have been working here I have been able to take part in 4 hackathons with significant clients such as NASA, enter submissions to both European and International expositions, work with a start-up to offer an IBM Watson solution to their platform, and become an active member of the vibrant IBM patenting community, taking part in various workshops, as well as helping mentor and lead workshops myself.