Career Prospects

7.1 / 10

(based on 43 ratings in 2015)


"I have seen endless opportunities to change roles and move up the career ladder across such a large organisation."
Graduate, Winchester
"If you are driven, focused, prove yourself and have a proactive nature then there is lots of scope to move."
Graduate, London
"Once a year there are promotion rounds, and it is made very clear what you have to do to progress."
Graduate, London
"Possibilities are high, but you need full support from the project and your manager. It is a long way to the top because it is a big organisation, and also because it is fairly meritocratic."
Graduate, London
"There is a very clear and well thought-out career progression system that determines your promotions and helps you plan specialisations."
Graduate, London/Various
"There is a clear structure that indicates what you need to achieve to get a promotion which gives great guidance, and I was promoted in my first year at the company."
Graduate, Newcastle
"I do think the promotion process is great, you get to choose when you want to go for promotion and you do all the work to get it. I got promoted within seven months."
Graduate, London


"You have to work very hard and fill out your promotion case in lots of detail. You also need to be sponsored by a senior exec to move up."
Graduate, London
"I believe it is quite easy to be promoted if you are visible to the right people, and jump through the hoops. But you do have to work for it of course. Furthermore, it is slightly hierarchical so you have to go up the ranks rather than it being a complete meritocracy in the way that some smaller companies are perhaps able to be."
Graduate, Edinburgh/London
"Promotion requirements are clear. The pace of promotion is entirely in the hands of the employee and their abilities, especially at lower levels, although they may need to be active in seeking opportunities to fully evidence their ability."
Graduate, London
"As it is a big company there are no waiting for positions to become available. It is a very clear and managed process for demonstrating competency and progressing."
Graduate, London
"Promotion depends on your annual grade, progress you've made, and how well you align with the company's capabilities."
Graduate, Manchester
"You can progress as quickly as you would like to. As long as you continue to perform, complete the required processes. However, some people don't have the time to complete all the processes involved in gaining promotion, and are classed as a lower level than they perhaps deserve."
Graduate, London
"Promotion is competitive but achievable - especially in the early stages of a career."
Graduate, London
"The promotion process is based around approval from managers and completing evidence documents - this has its downsides."
Graduate, London
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