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8.8 / 10

(based on 52 ratings in 2016)


"There are programmes for everything you can think of and I am actually on the diversity councils for gender, generational (millennials mainly) and mental health."
Graduate, Winchester
"From my experience in IBM, opportunities are given to the best person regardless of race, gender, age or disability. This has meant I have worked with a diverse range of colleagues."
Graduate, London
"It's one of best companies for diversity. Senior management could improve but this will change over time. Personal allowance (maternity leave, child care etc) is easily available but requires justification."
Graduate, London
"My employer prides itself on diversity and has various communities set up to promote this. The CEO is female and the company pushes to increase women in technology."
Graduate, Portsmouth
"There are lots of groups focused on diversity."
Graduate, London
"We have a very diverse workforce from all walks of life. Maternity care is apparently very good and flexible working helps to create diversity."
"I believe IBM is a great employer for commitment to diversity. I am proud of this area – IBM employed its first woman 20 years before the legislation for equal opportunities came out."
Graduate, London
"This is one of IBM's best points as they are really committed to diversity. Family matters are particularly strong, with maternity and paternity leave being actively encouraged and flexible hours being available to help people fit work around their children."
Graduate, London
"You only have to do a Google search and you'll see how committed IBM is to diversity. They were the first company in the US to employ a professional woman, to have equal pay, to employ a black person and to employ a disabled person (all before equality laws were implemented in the US). I am truly honoured to work for a company who make it a priority to be diverse. They see it as a benefit, which it is, to have a diverse range of people because they can bring so much innovation and creativity to a company that prides itself on innovation."
Graduate, Southampton


"We have people from all walks of life and we continue to promote diversity through a number of programmes, both internally and externally."
Graduate, London
"There are internal communities for women, the LGBT communities and many more. This means that everyone feels welcome. The sites etc are all accessible for people with disabilities and hours are flexible in regards to childcare."
Graduate, Winchester
"I have particularly noticed how flexible IBM is in relation to maternity leave and childcare. Hours can also be negotiated around school hours and roles can be moved so that you can work from home."
Graduate, Newcastle
"There are active forums around diversity and these actively promote recruitment and retention. During our induction we also have a transgender and LGBT talk to encourage open-mindedness."
Graduate, London
"There is a huge focus on diversity and encouraging a diverse workforce. I have never witnessed or received any issues or discrimination."
Graduate, London
"IBM has a variety of initiatives to help women succeed in the workplace which is great to see."
Graduate, London
"IBM has a very diverse workforce and often people from all over the world work together on the same project in the same location. All people (young, old, male, female etc) have equal opportunities. IBM has a wonderful history regarding employees: they were one of the first employers to hire a disabled person in 1914 and in 1946 they hired a black salesman, 18 years before the Civil Rights Act."
Graduate, London


"IBM tries to be as diverse as possible. There is a good amount of women but this drops the higher up the ranks you go. There are lots of societies, known as 'communities' for groups such as LGBT, women, etc."
Graduate, Leeds
"We have good support networks for women in technology."
Graduate, London
"IBM's emphasis on diversity is hugely impressive with a promotion of women's issues, cultural diversity and LGBT rights. Many women work flexible days and hours to accommodate children and the company benefit scheme is great."
Graduate, Edinburgh/London
"The company actively recruits women, and does well for a technology company, although they are still a minority. It is worth noting that the CEO and much of the senior management is female. The workforce is ethnically diverse and attitudes are very positive. The company is very supportive of LGBT rights, recently being awarded Stonewall's Global Employer of the Year 2014 award."
Graduate, London
"IBM are a leader in the area and diversity is truly embedded in the culture."
Graduate, London
"As a white male I may not be the best judge, however. There is a strong focus on attracting and retaining women but the numbers are still not equal. I would definitely put this down to the industry (tech) rather than the company though."
"I find IBM to be very supportive of diversity - especially in terms of LGBT and support for women in the workplace. In honesty, it is still mainly dominated by white males, but I think this is changing."
Graduate, London
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