Fun Facts


"IBM helped to invent the barcode!"
Graduate, London
"IBM runs pretty much all the tech behind Wimbledon."
Graduate, London/Various
"IBM technology helped to put the first man on the moon!"
Graduate, London
"It's 104 years old, and constantly reinvents itself to be essential in the world's changing technology marketplace."
Graduate, Winchester
"IBM's super computer, Watson, won a game of Jeopardy."
Graduate, London


"We invented the barcode!"
Graduate, London
"IBM made the first smartphone called Simon!"
Graduate, London
"Their 'Smarter Planet' initiative really could change the world, for better, forever."
Graduate, Edinburgh/London
"There's a sauna on the top floor of our Helsinki office :)"
Graduate, London
"They invented the calculator, the bar code & helped put the first man on the moon."
Graduate, London
"With a workforce of over 400000, it is the size of a small country"
Graduate, Bracknell
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