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Green Initiatives

6.8 / 10

(based on 47 ratings in 2016)


"We've started using greener data centres and moving things to the cloud to reduce the amount of paper being used."
Graduate, London
"There are recycling bins and lights that turn off automatically."
Graduate, London
"There are walking initiatives and schemes to cut down on travel."
Graduate, Portsmouth
"I don't know too much about this but all locations do have a lot of recycling facilities."
Entry level, Amsterdam
"There are lots of notices and recycling bins."
Graduate, London
"Look at IBM's smarter planet initiatives – this will be good to talk about in an interview too. IBM is committed to saving the planet and helps their clients to do the same."
Graduate, Southampton


"One of IBM's big initiatives is being green. There is recycling in all major areas, and bins are kept to a minimum to avoid waste management."
Graduate, London
"We're encouraged to car share where appropriate and there are recycling bins throughout our office locations."
Graduate, London
"Generally the IBM's attitude to reducing its carbon footprint is very good. The company facilitates the ability of its staff to reduce the overall carbon footprint. I think that IBM is at the forefront of technology in this area generally."
Entry level, London
"There are lots of signs and campaigns to use less paper, and recycling stations are everywhere."
Graduate, London
"'Smarter Planet' Initiatives that are known globally are carried out by IBM to reduce its carbon footprint."
Graduate, Newcastle
"There is a green team for each building that focus on what they can do to be more 'green', we have recycling bins and signs to switch lights off, for instance."
Graduate, London


"We have lots of recycling initiatives."
Graduate, London
"We have posters reminding us to reduce waste and carbon emissions."
Graduate, Leeds
"IBM have a global panel on climate change."
Graduate, Leeds
"We are encouraged not to print so as to reduce paper waste."
Graduate, Edinburgh/London
"The company does not have much of a carbon footprint to reduce. I'd say its real efforts are encouraging employees not to travel unless necessary, and to take meetings via phone or video conference instead if possible."
Graduate, London
"IBM seems committed to this and embraces home working, etc."
Graduate, London
"Being a highly technical company, we are ever changing the way we do things for the better."
Graduate, London
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