7.8 / 10

(based on 45 ratings in 2015)


"My hours are constant in my role: extra hours are rarely required and are normally compensated well."
Entry level, Farnborough
"I work a 40 hour week, and my hours can be flexible depending on project commitments."
Graduate, London/Various
"I work from 8:00am to 4:10pm taking regular tea breaks, having casual conversations with my peers and 15 minutes for food. While this suits me, everyone at IBM takes different approaches such as Fridays off or longer breaks, later starts. It's very easy to tune your rota to fit into your life."
Graduate, Winchester
"My working hours depend highly upon the project. I currently work 9:00am-6:00pm, but leave at 4:30pm on a Thursday to allow for travel and I work from home on a Friday. But every project is different, so you can find your ideal one."
Graduate, London
"My base hours are 9:00am-5:00pm, however this can vary depending on how busy my role is. My employer is somewhat flexible with hours, e.g. if I needed to leave early one day I can make up my time later in the week."
Graduate, London
"I work very flexible hours, and I typically don't work outside of 8:30am-6:30pm. I get to work from home when I need to."
Graduate, London
"I am required to work eight hours per day, however IBM is very flexible. Quite often I will work later one day and arrive later the next or leave early and catch up later in the evening. There are also opportunities to work from home when needed."
Graduate, London


"Work hours are long, but flexible - if you do the job then it doesn't matter how long you're here for. There is also the opportunity to work remotely, as you're equipped with a laptop and phone."
Graduate, London
"You are expected to complete your work to a very high standard, and do the hours that that requires. If you need to work into the early hours then you do, but on the other hand if everything is finished you are given the flexibility to call it a day there."
Graduate, Edinburgh/London
"Working hours depend on the project, but this will be flexible within reason. I often have to stay over in hotels when working on sites."
Graduate, London
"I choose to work longer hours, because I know it will benefit my career. The company is very flexible and it is common for employees to opt to work part-time, to work from home for some or all of the week, to stick to contracted hours, etc. without prejudice."
Graduate, London
"I work 40 hours standard, and I volunteer a lot outside of these hours (this work is all related to personal development and progression)."
Graduate, London
"Hours can be flexible if you have to travel far. Sometimes you have to work long hours, but not usually for a long period of time."
Graduate, Manchester
"Hours are fairly flexible as long as the work is done. However, this can vary from project to project."
Graduate, London
"Able to work from home, but be willing to put in the hours when you need to."
Graduate, London
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