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Interview Process


"To apply, I completed an online application which took me five days to write and was 1500 words long. There was an online number and vocab test, and an assessment day which was long. There were two group exercises and a maths test. The afternoon session consisted of an hour long interview and another smaller group exercise."
Graduate, London
"The process involves: online competency-based application form (e.g. give us an example of a time when, etc.); online aptitude tests - these are fairly typical, with logic and numeracy type tests; assessment centre (part 1) - teamwork exercises and presentation about the company; assessment centre (part 2) - case study and one-to-one interview; 'business matching' interview - context of this is that the candidate is considered capable 'in principle' to work at the company, but decision still needs to be made on whether and how they might fit in."
Graduate, London
"The interview process was long and I went through four stages: application form, online test, assessment centres, final interview."
Graduate, Manchester
"The initial online process is difficult as the test is very challenging and you will either pass or you won't. However, you can make your application best by spending time on the written aspects of it and explaining your skills and experiences in a range of ways. The assessment centre is split into two halves: morning and afternoon. If you pass the morning you are through to the afternoon, but this is a very small percentage of the initial number of people. The interviewers are friendly and fair and are just looking to see the real you."
Graduate, Leeds
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