Offices & Dress

7.0 / 10

(based on 42 ratings in 2015)


"There are offices all over the UK, and they are mostly based at client locations. Facilities are great. The dress code is dependent on project, and I always wear a shirt with trousers and a blazer, and occasionally wear a tie."
Graduate, London
"We have offices up and down the country. The South Bank location, where I am based, is fairly large as it has gone through (and continues to) go through renovation. The dress code for sales is typically business dress."
Graduate, London
"The offices are spacious, well designed and in good locations for transport and entertainment. The dress code is smart casual, no ties."
Graduate, London
"I am mostly working on clients' sites, but company buildings are good. IBM sites require business dress, but on client sites you match their dress code."
Graduate, London/Various
"It varies. I have travelled to many different IBM offices that differ massively in space, location and facilities. The bigger offices tend to offer the best facilities e.g. South Bank, Hursley."
Graduate, Newcastle
"We have offices all over the country all with varying pluses and minuses. Generally they are very spacious operating a clean desk policy with canteens, stationery, touchdown areas, client areas, vending machines and so forth. Smart casual would be appropriate for the dress code; no suit/tie required but staff should be presentable in front of clients."
Graduate, London
"My base location is IBM South Bank, which is a lovely office on the bank of the river Thames, which is a five minute walk away from Waterloo station, allowing for an easier commute. However, as a consultant, I often work on client sites across the UK (and sometimes abroad)."
Graduate, London


"Offices vary depending on where you are in the company. Most have gym/shower facilities, bike and car-parking and a good canteen. Dress code varies as to location - in Southbank (London Office) it is more formal because it is client-facing, (people generally wear suits but no tie unless attaining more formal meetings) but in Horsley (our research labs) the dress code is much more relaxed."
Graduate, London
"There are hundreds of offices around the world. The Southbank office is very spacious and is currently being renovated. The dress code depends on your client, but most of the time it is business-casual."
Graduate, London
"I usually work at client site so I don't spend a lot of time in IBM locations. Southbank has a great location, and there are usually a lot of large desks available for flexible working."
Graduate, London
"There are a large number of offices around the country, usually in easy-to-reach locations, and it is possible to hot-desk at almost any of them if the need arises. This is very helpful, effectively allowing employees to live anywhere in the country. Facilities are usually good, with things like a canteen as standard and often a small gym."
Graduate, London
"The offices are not always aesthetically pleasing, but are still very social places in my opinion."
Graduate, Manchester
"Company offices are central and modern, however most time is spent on client sites."
Graduate, London
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