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"The pension scheme is very good. We also have IBM rewards, which allows discounts on various sites (often travel companies, jewellers and clothing retailers)."
Graduate, Winchester
"The IBM Club has many discounts and there are a lot of education courses that they will pay for you to do for self-development."
Graduate, London
"Expenses are paid when you are on a project and you even get extra cash when you go abroad. In my first year I travelled to the US twice and went to a few European cities for work and training."
Graduate, London
"Expenses are paid when living away from home on a project. There's also an IBM store where you can spend reward points (given for good performance) and discounts at high street stores."
Graduate, London
"You get extra days of holiday on your graduation and when you're moving house etc. Quite a few events are put on at the head office that you can attend as well as external events to network with clients."
Graduate, London
"There's a reasonable amount of travel available for both projects and training (Prague, Amsterdam, Brussels and Madrid for example)."
Graduate, london
"They have a scheme called 'giveback'. At any time, and as often as you like, you can 'giveback' to IBM or the community (they have a list of options) and help out without taking a day off. For example, I could visit my uni to be on an IBM stand or I could work with an IBM team to help clear a polluted woodland. There are great personal schemes like free healthcare, pension, the dental plan etc."
Graduate, London
"We have a rewards scheme where IBM has partnered up with lots of companies – there are discounted cinema tickets, experiences, shopping vouchers etc. There are also competitions every now and again, such as winning tickets for Wimbledon."
Entry level, London
"The healthcare and pension schemes are fantastic. There are also IBM graduate events such as day-to-evening education conferences and events for training, which are always good fun. The social aspect of there being a lot of other graduates as well makes it really good."
Graduate, London


"Perks include a bike scheme, private medical insurance and dental insurance."
Graduate, London
"We have access to IBM Rewards: a site which offers discounts for many everyday items/experiences, and are given private health care. The ability to work from home is a perk too."
Graduate, London
"I enjoy travelling for work, it is a perk of the job for me. In the IBM consultancy world you can work on projects anywhere in Europe or around the globe."
Entry level, London/Bonn
"Generous dinner, travel and hotel expense allowances are on offer at IBM, especially if you are working abroad."
Graduate, London/Various
"If you're lucky you can get to go to Wimbledon, or England rugby matches. There are lots of travel opportunities available too."
Graduate, Winchester
"Being on the graduate scheme there are events being held regularly. Training in my department is done abroad, so I have been to Budapest and Sofia."
Graduate, Portsmouth
"There is a good pension scheme on offer, which is well above the minimum required. If you are on an out of London project then you get your mid-week expenses, so dinners, hotel and travel are covered. Sometimes there are free tickets to places like Twickenham as the company does the analytics. There are quite a few perks too including health insurance and numerous money off/cashback vouchers."
Graduate, London
"Good social occasions are a real perk, including balls for graduates and conferences."
Graduate, London


"Working from home is a great bonus!"
Graduate, London
"Free private insurance is pretty good."
Graduate, London/Leeds
"Perks include cashback and money off vouchers off 100s of retailers, discounts for events through joining your local "IBM Club", pension, etc."
Graduate, London
"Travel perks, AMEX and Hotel points!"
Graduate, Edinburgh/London
"The pension scheme is really good and we also receive discounts at stores/gyms, etc."
Graduate, London
"Generous expenses for travel; rewards scheme which offers discounts in major high-street retailers; ability to work from home usually. The best perk is a scheme for renting a flat near a client site rather than living in hotels: if planned well this can provide an increase of nearly 40% to take-home pay."
Graduate, London
"Pension and healthcare, dental, and travel insurance plans are good. IBM Rewards website is useful for cashback, and IBM Club benefits get discounted tickets to events, etc."
"All expenses are covered when you are away from base location (on client site)."
Graduate, London
"Working from home. Travelling with work results in accumulating a lot of hotel and air line points for personal use."
Graduate, London
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