"Flexible working is on offer, so I can work from home/a remote location, which is more convenient for me."
Graduate, London/Manchester
"There are great opportunities to work for top clients doing a wide variety of work."
Graduate, London
"There is a wide variety of project opportunities and interesting things to learn about."
Graduate, London/Various
"Being exposed to people from all across the business, from graduates to partners, allows you to build up your connections."
Graduate, London
"IBM graduates are given a lot of training, and are sent to some great events and courses."
Graduate, London
"The ability to receive the help you need when you need helps you to learn and develop."
Graduate, Winchester
"I have had lots of responsibilities offered to me at work."
Graduate, Preston
"There is lots of opportunity to change roles, so work is always new."
Graduate, London
"A plus is the ability to choose your own projects and try a variety of different roles before specialising after the graduate scheme."
Graduate, London
"I have travelled with work and gained experience working in different industries."
Graduate, London
"The job itself is rewarding and the staff are friendly and engaging."
Graduate, London
"The job roles are rotated throughout the graduate scheme, so you can gain an understanding of various business units and the department as a whole."
Graduate, London


"Pluses for me are the people I work with, the fact that there is very little hierarchy, and it's a very nice and diverse community."
Entry level, London
"We have excellent training opportunities and scope for global work opportunities."
Graduate, London/Bonn
"The variety of work is a plus, and we have the ability to choose from many different types of work, and to set our own career path and goals."
Graduate, London
"The large variety of roles available and the opportunity to switch roles regularly at IBM are great."
Graduate, London
"The opportunity to work with a global, blue chip client portfolio are pluses for me."
"Responsibility, flexibility and the vast amount of experience gained with IBM are all pluses."
Graduate, London
"The best thing about IBM is the flexibility given to shape your own career. Being such a large company, covering practically all industries, there is always the opportunity to change roles to build your skill set further or to follow your personal interests."
Graduate, London
"IBM is a very flexible employer, and your career is open for you to bend and shape as you want to develop."
Graduate, London
"Large company, working with market leading clients on cutting edge projects."
Graduate, London
"The many opportunities for training and the great breadth of the company - there is always going to be something you can do."
Graduate, Leeds
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