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7.2 / 10

(based on 55 ratings in 2016)


"The salary rise following promotion is fair and relative to the work/responsibility we are given."
Graduate, London
"I'm not too pleased with it but I understand that the current climate isn't great and that's why I've not had a pay rise."
Graduate, London
"We get above average pay for a very above average workload."
Graduate, London
"I recently left the graduate programme and received a generous pay rise. I also had a decent rise half way through. My salary, since starting, has outstripped inflation and most of the other graduates I know have been subject to the same pay increments."
Entry level, Amsterdam
"The wage could be higher for London, especially considering how hard we work."
"Pay is OK as it's a graduate scheme but I think the bonuses could be better."
Graduate, London
"Good at the start. I feel like increases have been less frequent than at other companies, though."
Graduate, london
"Pay is fantastic for entry-level work at a graduate level. However, there is no increase in pay for being in London."
Graduate, Hursley
"I think the pay is slightly below industry average."
Graduate, London
"For a graduate scheme it's really good. My manager worked to help me get on a bonus scheme too as he's happy with how I'm doing."
Graduate, London


"The salary is more than adequate for a first job out of university."
Graduate, Winchester
"I receive a salary above average for my age group, that is about in line with other consulting companies."
Graduate, London
"The salary is good to start with, and the fact I am on expenses on my project makes it nice."
Graduate, London
"I receive a decent starting salary, and I believe that it can grow quickly."
Graduate, London
"My salary is above average for the industry, plus I received a promotion having only been at the company for one year."
Graduate, Newcastle
"The salary is good, but when broken down over the number of hours it's not as good as it first appears! It is still plenty to live comfortably and enjoy your out of work time, though."
Graduate, London


"Salary is around the industry average for a graduate, but I am unaware of how the pay structure changes over time, as increases are results driven."
Graduate, London
"Bonuses have been removed this year for the majority, and the pay is not as competitive as other similar companies."
Graduate, London
"I think that that our salary is slightly behind compared to market rate and other similar companies. Bonus scheme is dependent on company performance, so although you may do really well and score highly, if the company has performed badly then it will not be recognised in the same way."
Graduate, London
"Bonuses are related to whole group performance, and the pay is competitive with other grad schemes and goes up relatively quickly if you push for it I think."
Graduate, London
"No effort put into financial incentives, the factors and outcomes are very unclear and dependent on so many factors it's impossible to know what you will be worth on promotion."
"There is the opportunity to be promoted at set points in the year based on evaluation against your peers. The promotion process seems to be fair, but is very admin based as you need to apply for it via an IBM tool. I haven't received a bonus yet but I believe they are based on company performance and are around Christmas time."
Graduate, London
"Our initial salary is competitive, but subsequent pay increase is very slow."
Graduate, London
"I have not received a bonus and I don't believe there has been a bonus paid out in a while, although the pay is good in relation to many roles that graduates go into. However, in relation to other consulting roles, the pay seems lower and if you are doing very long hours it may not compensate."
Graduate, Leeds
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