Satisfaction with Work

7.2 / 10

(based on 56 ratings in 2015)


"I am Junior Architect on a public sector project, creating presentations, solution diagrams, web development and solution reviews."
Graduate, London
"I work in business development encouraging clients to become collaborative. I am in charge of the business management of our team too."
Graduate, London
"My role is varied and I am doing customer profiling, using both internal and external tools to support our sales team. I also work on developing relationships through social media, telephone and email, and support our competitive programme. I am also quite involved with a number of volunteering activities."
Graduate, London
"I'm currently working in a Project Management Office, where my role involves tracking deliverables and ensuring they are handed in on time, and I act as a host manager for IBM employees who come from overseas. I'm responsible for on/off-boarding new joiners to the project and have a high level understanding of the project as a whole so that I can communicate any connections between the different work streams."
Graduate, London
"I'm a software developer with a small sub-team in London. We have colleagues in other UK and worldwide locations. We work together as a local team to build in new features, fix bugs and offer assistance to clients using our product. The product is constantly evolving, and we are helping with this."
Graduate, London
"Day-to-day I perform analysis, unit tests, fix problems across different coding languages, design new tests and am constantly learning about things in my field."
Graduate, Winchester
"My work is with clients on their requirements; I negotiate/work with quotes with suppliers, and handle contract management."
Graduate, Portsmouth


"This depends on which project you are put on, so you will see a variety of satisfaction depending on where you are. The good thing about this is you are able to move projects if you are not happy in a specific one."
Graduate, London
"I am a technical consultant on a mobile project - deploying new mobile phones, tablets, and laptops for my client. My role covers a wide-range of technical responsibilities, including testing, deployment, advice/consulting, training, and technical design."
Graduate, London
"My work involves commercial delivery management and business development in the innovation and interactive spaces."
Entry level, London
"I have been given lots of responsibilities and my role is technical in nature which is what I have been looking for. There are also great opportunities for extra-curricular development activities."
Graduate, London
"I have been expanding my technical skills (learning about the mainframe) and working as part of a team that is setting up a new bank."
Graduate, London
"My work consists of designing and implementing system changes, which involves liaising with the client to understand their needs and expectations."
Graduate, Leeds
"I am currently within a Defect Management role. This involves conducting daily defect triage calls, managing the defects that arise through the testing taking place on a number of different projects, as well as a number of smaller tasks such as scheduling meetings, creating reports, etc."
Graduate, London
"Straight after my five week training induction I was able to get a role as a business analyst with a retail client. I think the most noticeable thing about this role is the amount of responsibility I was given early on. It was a bit daunting at first but with such a large support network on the project, there was always someone to help if needed. Additionally, IBM advise changing roles every three-six months whilst on the graduate scheme as it helps to build your skill set."
Graduate, London
"I am working alongside customer experience design with internal and external customers. By identifying key moments of truth in the customer journey, my role allows me to redesign these touch points to help our clients succeed."
Graduate, London
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