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"IBM employs individuals from all walks of education."
Graduate, Leeds
"The company is active in recruiting for the Graduate scheme from state schools and lower-ranked universities, and does not appear to take a candidate's background into account during the application process. The Apprenticeship scheme is also excellent and available to young people who may not have the opportunity to attend university; it is considered equally as prestigious as the Graduate scheme."
Graduate, London
"IBM offer several internships and apprenticeships."
Graduate, London
"Several initiatives and teams with diversity in mind."
Graduate, London
"Our company sees Giveback (voluntary work) as extremely important. And some of what this can involve is reaching out to those who may have never thought of a career at IBM and giving them an insight into the opportunities we have at the company."
Graduate, London
"The company run events at a grass roots level, taking on employees from a wide range of backgrounds with varying levels of qualifications."
Graduate, London
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