7.9 / 10

(based on 43 ratings in 2015)


"The training programme is excellent, with an intensive four week induction course before work begins. There are lots of opportunities to learn and develop throughout, too."
Graduate, London
"I had mobile testing and development training, with good teachers shipped in from around the world. The training also offered a chance to interact with colleagues from other teams/countries."
Graduate, London
"The Global Sales School I undertook is a world-renowned sales training programme."
Graduate, London
"Training opportunities are good at IBM: you are encouraged to complete specific mandatory and optional training courses at the beginning of your career, then depending on what path you choose - you are supported to develop further."
Entry level, London/Bonn
"I have gained several industry recognised qualifications and also internal skills as a result of training at IBM."
Midlevel, London
"As part of a technical sales role, I did basic consultative sales training and understanding the best way to have client-facing conversations for the best productive result. I also did some training in effective communications and presentations."
Graduate, London
"There are loads of in-house training sessions, and a budget for out of house education too. The Foundation Group recommends courses and there are opportunities for pair programming, shadowing and extra managers within work."
Graduate, Winchester
"In the first two weeks I attended an induction. The first week I learnt all about the company and things I needed to know as an employee. In my second week we learnt all about client interactions and communication. There is also a wealth of training that I can access through the company whenever I need to."
Graduate, London


"I've been on several soft skills and hard skills training courses most recently at an office in Germany on an IBM product."
Graduate, London
"Training is excellent on the graduate scheme - you could literally spend your whole two years training based on the offerings they have. There is a huge variety from very technical skills to soft, selling skills with everything in between."
Graduate, Edinburgh/London
"A variety of training courses are available and employees are usually well-supported to attend them. They range from soft-skills, consulting courses focusing on client-interaction, teamwork, rapport building, and presentation skills, through to technical skills in software development and technical focus areas. The courses you attend depend on the graduate's career direction."
Graduate, London
"Training and development opportunities are a real strength for the company in my opinion. The only caveat is that you have to be proactive to get the training you want."
Graduate, London
"The training courses I have attended have always been worthwhile, and allow me to develop skills in a number of areas; effective communication, active listening, presenting, etc."
Graduate, London
"IBM offers a lot of training opportunities. You have to work these around your project work if you are a consultant but you can do training in pretty much anything you can imagine!"
Graduate, Leeds
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