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"The global brand and the range of opportunities available. The graduate scheme came recommended by a colleague."
Graduate, London
"The direction the company is going and how they are always looking to innovate."
Graduate, Portsmouth
"The reputation and progression opportunities."
Marketing, Graduate, London
"I had already done a placement year with IBM and loved it so I knew it was where I wanted to be. The culture and the office environment is great, as are the people. I knew I could learn a lot by being at IBM and I felt it was a great place to start my career."
"Their value and passion for making the world a better place."
Graduate, London
"It's a huge multinational corporation with a diverse client base and the ability to experience a variety of industries. Also, it has a very structured graduate scheme, which is all about development."
Graduate, London
"IBM has an amazing history in tech and the fact that it is still a major player 105 years later means that it's constantly reinventing and innovating. In terms of understanding business, there are few companies better placed to learn."
Graduate, London
"Many things. I completed a placement year with IBM so I had already experienced what it was like to work here, which I really enjoyed. The salary was appealing and the graduate scheme itself looked great as there was a lot going on in terms of support and education. I had also met some of the graduates and managers at my university fairs, which helped encourage me to apply."
Entry level, London
"I did a placement at the company and really enjoyed it and valued the company ethos."
Graduate, London
"The reputation and external recognition."
Graduate, london


"I applied here because of the firm's very wide coverage: there would be lots to learn and grow in to. Another reason was the good support network to enable me to learn at the beginning of my career, as well as later on when I would be more developed."
Graduate, London
"The reason why I applied here is because I know that IBM is a highly prestigious company."
Graduate, London
"I wanted to work for a global brand offering a high level of training, a variety of roles and travel opportunities."
Graduate, London
"IBM is a big company that has a good reputation and offers a wide range of experience within many industries, so I applied here."
Graduate, Manchester
"IBM is a market leader in the technology sector and the culture is second to none, both of which were reasons why I wanted to work here."
Graduate, London
"I was encouraged to apply here by the company's prestige, and the contact I had had with company reps. I was also offered a breadth of opportunity at IBM."
Graduate, London/Various
"I was really interested by what IBM do and wanted to be a part of it myself, and this was the main factor in my decision to apply here."
Graduate, London
"I applied here because it is a big name company that is very inclusive and forward-thinking."
Graduate, Winchester
"I was attracted to the training opportunities that were on offer at IBM."
Graduate, Winchester
"They are the world leader in technology, so my application here was a no-brainer."
Graduate, London


"I chose IBM for the travel, working with different clients, being part of something that is global and renowned."
Graduate, Edinburgh/London
"I chose IBM because of their structured graduate scheme, reputation and training opportunities."
Graduate, London
"The company's pre-eminence in the field of technology; their excellent graduate scheme with training and progression opportunities; their strong continuing history of technological innovation; the variety and flexibility that the role offered are all reasons for choosing them."
Graduate, London
"I wanted great opportunities with a well-known brand, and I wanted to experience many roles within the job."
Graduate, London
"I chose IBM for the culture, pay and progression possibilities!"
Graduate, London
"I worked as an intern at IBM and enjoyed it so much that I applied as a graduate."
Graduate, London
"I chose IBM because of their support for women within the company and the abundance of female role models in an otherwise male-dominated industry."
Graduate, London
"The company's development focus, high quality work and good outlook on disabled people attracted me."
Graduate, London/Leeds
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