Offices & Dress

7.9 / 10

(based on 14 ratings in 2016)


"The office is clean, modern and open plan. The location is very central and near all of the shops, which is convenient but expensive."
First year trainee, Bristol
"Can be cramped at times but generally OK. We do not have a canteen and our break out areas are small so if you want to eat lunch in the office it usually means eating at your desk. The dress code is smart/business dress but we have dress down Fridays every week."
First year trainee, London
"The office is in a good location in the city centre and near to the court. While sometimes a little cramped, due to ever expanding teams, it is generally a pleasant place to work."
First year trainee, Manchester
"The office space is open plan and very modern. It has extremely good facilities, which clients and barristers often comment on. It is away from the high street and shopping areas in Sheffield but is right next to the courts. Dress code is formal Monday to Thursday. Fridays tend to be dress down and occasionally colour-themed to match charitable events."
First year trainee, Sheffield
"The office is open plan and spacious. The dress code is professional, of course, but that does not necessarily mean you have to wear your tie at all times. Employees are also encouraged to contribute £1 to dress down every Friday, which is a great fund raiser for each office's nominated charity."
First year trainee, Newbury
"The office is open plan and is very central and convenient. The firm recently introduced dress down Fridays, which has been widely welcomed."
First year trainee, Birmingham


"The office location is good, although we will soon need more office space, due to the rate of our expansion. The dress code is business like, but firm has a number of dress down days as part of its charitable programmes."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"Personally I find that the offices can be a bit cramped, and trainees are on the middle desks, where it can be hard to concentrate at times."
Second year trainee, London
"The location is good and the dress code is smart. The facilities could be slightly better, as there is nowhere we can sit for lunch other than at our desks. There is also a need for quiet spaces where we can go just to review a document without being disturbed."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"I thought that the offices made for a pleasant working environment at Irwin Mitchell."
First year trainee, Sheffield
"The facilities are modern and client-friendly. The dress code is smart and is followed by all members of staff."
First year trainee, Sheffield
"Although I think that the office is dated, and in need of some redecoration, the location is good. The dress code can be informal, as long as smart clothes are worn at work, and when meeting clients."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"The dress code is quite relaxed at the firm. The office space itself is fine, but there is no canteen. That said, it is in a good location, which more than makes up for this, as there are plenty of places to go for lunch."
First year trainee, Manchester
"The facilities are excellent, the location is central and the space is very good at Irwin Mitchell's offices."
First year trainee, Sheffield
"The office location is central, with good facilities, and it is close to Leeds station. The dress code is business wear, but this is often a little more relaxed when we are not seeing clients - we can wear cardigans rather than jackets, for instance."
First year trainee, Leeds
"The dress code is relatively relaxed. The facilities at the firm are in need of some improvement: due to the firm's growth, we are in need of more office space, such as a staff room and more meeting rooms, and a bigger car park! But, that said, the office location is great."
First year trainee, Bristol


"We are in an excellent new office which has a fairly relaxed dress code unless dealing with court/meetings/new clients."
Second year trainee, Newcastle
"Our office is in a great location, right in the centre of town. The dress code is fairly low key, particularly for women."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"My office is a nice space to work in - open-plan but I have a large desk and there is a feeling of space. The dress code is smart but depends on whether or not you have meetings/in court as to how smart you will dress. Location within the city is good."
Second year trainee, Bristol
"The dress code is pretty relaxed, office is good size and in good location. There is a café which is good too."
Second year trainee, Sheffield
"We have a nice location in Spinningfields but it's a shame that there is no canteen. The dress code is smart business dress with a dress down day on the first Friday of the month, with money being donated to our charity of the year and drinks afterwards at a local bar."
Second year trainee, Manchester
"IM has offices nationally and the standard varies between each location. However, overall I would describe the offices as being in good, accessible locations, with a high standard of facilities and enough space to fulfil the firm's needs. As you would expect, the dress code is professional/smart. You should always be suitably dressed in the event that you are required to visit clients/court."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"Our office is open-plan and very easily accessible to the main train station in Birmingham. We have good facilities and the office is always clean and well presented. The dress code is smart."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"The offices are open-plan. At the head office we have a large canteen which is subsidised. Facilities are very good with on-site IT, reprographics, etc. The dress code is business smart but not stifling."
First year trainee, Sheffield
"Light, airy and open plan, In central location. Office wear is a must - suits, work dresses. Some take a little more of a relaxed approach but generally everyone is well turned out."
Second year trainee, Leeds
"We are nearly at capacity in terms of space but the location is great. The facilities are also good. The dress code is normal business and we have a dress down Friday on the first Friday of the month for charity."
Second year trainee, London
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