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Pro Bono

6.9 / 10

(based on 14 ratings in 2017)


"We can help out at the local legal advice clinic."
Second year trainee, Birmingham
"There are opportunities for pro bono work but the volume of this depends upon the department."
Second year trainee, Sheffield
"I have not worked on any pro bono projects, but I am aware that the firm does engage in them."
First year trainee, Leeds
"I have not personally worked on pro bono projects but I know that there are some ongoing within the firm."
Second year trainee, Sheffield


"'Ablaze' educational outreach with local school children to get them interested in law. Additional pro bono cases are worked on as attentively as any other in the firm."
First year trainee, Bristol
"We have a very active pro bono committee and partners do their own pro bono work through other contacts as well (which they will ask the trainees if they would like to help on)."
First year trainee, London
"I have worked on smaller pro bono cases for clients and it is always under the supervision of a partner so there is a real time commitment there. I previously worked in a department in which we acted for a charity on a pro bono case that went to the supreme court. We also offer several advice clinics in our Sheffield office on a range of different areas of law. I have personally helped to run advice clinics in public and family law."
First year trainee, Sheffield
"Irwin Mitchell are heavily involved in pro bono, and strongly encourage trainee participation in legal advice work and fundraising throughout the year."
First year trainee, Birmingham


"The firm takes part in a range of pro bono initiatives, such as running various legal advice clinics across the area."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"I am part of the pro bono committee and help to organise pro bono initiatives within the firm."
Second year trainee, London
"The pro bono committee in Birmingham is in its early stages, however I understand that the other offices have been running a programme for a while. That said, if we suggest pro bono work to partners, then they are more than happy to assist and for you to run with it."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"There is a strong focus on pro bono clinics, and other initiatives, at Irwin Mitchell. These other initiatives include a strong focus on charitable work through our charitable foundation."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"I have worked on several pro bono projects, for instance I helped out at a legal clinic provided to the Irish community."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"The Citizens' Advice Bureau is one pro bono initiative where the firm provides help."
First year trainee, Leeds
"We do lots of work with charities and local communities."
First year trainee, Bristol


"I am involved in a project with Citizen's Advice to give free support to people who cannot afford legal representation."
Second year trainee, Leeds
"We run a Right to Read Scheme at a local primary school, helping five and six year olds to learn to read."
Second year trainee, Manchester
"There are a vast number of pro bono initiatives going on within the firm and the difficulty is choosing which one to be involved in. There really is something for everyone."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"Pro bono plays a huge part in the firm. We have been involved with projects such as a 36 hour cycle for two local charities, painted a building which is used by young people socially."
First year trainee, Sheffield
"I have worked with the Irish in Birmingham charity providing a biweekly legal advice clinic."
First year trainee, Birmingham
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