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Four years ago I started at JGA as a graduate design engineer. In my short time here I have been promoted to Principle Engineer, and I have not looked back.

Having an Aerospace Engineering degree, when I first saw the advert for Jeremy Gardener Associates (JGA) I had previously not heard of Fire Engineering. Following some research I managed to draw some parallels between the two disciplines (such as use of CFD) and applied for the position.

I was initially worried that I have no experience in the field, however in the interview I learnt that other engineers at JGA had started with an aerospace engineering or another degree other than Fire Engineering. When starting at JGA I started work on actual projects within a few days, and had a site visit in my first week. Working on real projects from the start was a great benefit for me. This got me involved in the team at an early stage and let me know very quickly what the job role would be. There was no period where I was left to learn from textbooks, all learning was on-the-job.