JLL is a founder member of Changing the Face of Property (CTFOP), a UK-based diversity initiative, working with a number of competitors to raise awareness of the property industry and the range of career opportunities available. CTFOP aims to increase diversity within the industry and change the perception that a career in property means becoming an estate agent or working on a construction site.

Property Needs You (PNY) was the junior brand name created by Changing the Face of Property (CTFOP). In 2014, it became the overarching brand name for several diversity initiatives across the property industry and is now used by ten top property firms, two industry bodies and a higher education provider when they collaborate at a variety of careers events for students and careers advisers.

JLL is a founder member of the first multi sector LGBT event for students - Authenticity - launched in July 2016.

To help provide an environment where employees are able to discuss important inclusive matters and seek support, the UK has a number of internal networks open to employees including the Women’s Network; Working Parents’ Network; Building Pride (LGBT); and Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME).

Raising awareness is an essential part of educating employees on the importance of diversity and inclusion within their teams. In 2014 a new training module entitled ‘Unconscious Bias’ was launched which aims to highlight the potential impact of the use of certain language, behaviours and banter in the office environment.