8.6 / 10

(based on 51 ratings in 2014)


"There is a clear structure and hierarchy. The firm appears to have a process by which staff progress up the pathway to senior surveyor, associate director and director level. The working environment is professional but friendly. Socially it is what you make of it; i.e. there are lots of different social clubs, societies and activities and plenty of people go out after work."
Graduate, London
"The firm is very sociable and generally graduates feel part of the team and there are plenty of opportunities to go on away days, lunches and evening drinks. Most people are willing to help and all senior directors sit in the same open-plan offices with everybody else, so everyone is approachable and friendly."
Graduate, London
"In my experience there are good relationships between all team members and the company is very sociable after hours."
Graduate, London
"There is a very strong social and professional culture within the company, both graduates and qualified members of staff socialised inside and outside of work and there are numerous sports teams and clubs to get involved with."
Graduate, London
"There are good opportunities to get involved in sport and other social events. Networking is encouraged. I have had good experiences with the management structure."
Graduate, London
"There is a lot of socialising in my office which is brilliant. It's a really good atmosphere to work in and everyone is very approachable and helpful. At the same time there is an element of competitiveness."
"As a whole, JLL is very friendly. There are a wide variety of activities to get involved in from charity events, sporting competitions and after work drinks happen weekly. Due to the agile nature of the workplace I have contact with those at all levels on a daily basis and everyone at all levels are very approachable."
Graduate, London
"I work with a wide range of friendly colleagues who are very approachable and supportive. There is a strong sports culture at the firm, many of the larger offices run a variety of sports teams for example."
Graduate, Nottingham
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