Interview: Tips & Advice


"During the interview relax and be yourself. Make sure you know about the company and the role you are being interviewed for."
Graduate, Cardiff
"Read up and know about the business as a whole. For example, know who the company's main clients are and whether there are any major deals or projects going on at the time."
Graduate, London
"Prepare practical examples of your work which support your theoretical knowledge."
Graduate, Manchester
"Understand what the role involves and prepare questions to ask the interviewer."
Graduate, London
"Market research and work experience are key. Also extra-curricular activities."
Capital Markets, Graduate, London
"My best tip would be to relax. Interviews are always going to be extremely stressful experiences and if you are able to stay calm, keep a cool head and maintain composure you will really stand out as a competent and reliable prospect."
Graduate, London
"Know JLL and the work that they do but be able to be in depth about your own skills and achievements and what you can bring to the company."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Make sure you are well versed on what the company does and stands for (they are big on things like Sustainability) and have an understanding of the state of the property market for the region you are applying for."
Graduate, London
"Make sure you know major deals that have recently happened in the market. Keep your CV up-to-date and know it inside out. Stay calm and be yourself, JLL don't rip you to pieces like other firms."
Graduate, Manchester
"Be enthusiastic, come across as confident but humble. The company wants to employ people eager to learn not people who think they know it all already. Be a good team player as property is all about teamwork. Have a number of personal achievements you can talk about that show leadership, communication, organisation skills, etc."
Capital Markets, Graduate, Birmingham
"Get as much experience as possible and show that you are keen to learn. Use examples from previous work experience to explain how you would deal with future issues."
Graduate, Bristol
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