"Although I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best and largest clients in the industry. The majority of the client management is undertaken by senior members of staff and as such I have not had a great deal of client contact so far."
Graduate, Manchester
"It is a very large corporation - so on a personal level there can be an element of anonymity."
Graduate, London
"With the number of people working in the office pushing for promotions and certain rotations can be competitive."
"Sometimes I feel that my contribution to the company's overall performance is not tangible given the size of the organisation."
Graduate, London
"In my office there aren't many people at the same level as me."
Graduate, Leeds
"The offices are spread around London, I work in a smaller office and sometimes feel I miss out on networking/social opportunities from not being in the main office."
Graduate, London
"Sometimes you can feel lost in the system as the company is so large."
Graduate, Manchester
"On occasion, things can get lost in communication due to the size of the company."
Graduate, Nottingham
"We sometimes lack the perks that smaller companies are able to offer such as office closure between Christmas and new year without having to take holiday."
Graduate, London
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