9.0 / 10

(based on 19 ratings in 2015)


"The company seems to have the balance between hard work and socialising correct. The office is an active and fun place to work filled with like-minded people, and the employees are very approachable and look to involve the interns in activities outside of the office."
Intern, Retail Investment
"I would describe the culture as friendly and welcoming. As an intern I felt included as part of a team, whereby I was always invited to attend various meetings, along with the social events which allowed me to meet other employees from other departments."
Intern, Manchester
"The staff were so supportive within office hours and after work. The interns were involved in numerous social events which proved great, because you get to know fellow interns from other departments and how they are faring. That was great."
Intern, Valuation Advisory
"The team were very welcoming, but professional, and made an effort to get to know me and include me their work. The company seems to have a really healthy balance between work and socialising which made the overall work environment enjoyable."
Intern, London
"The firm has a very friendly culture, everyone is approachable and easy to talk to as well as being supportive if I needed any help."
Intern, Valuation
"The culture is friendly but professional at all times. I certainly felt part of the team, and the interns were included."
Intern, London
"I really liked JLL as a place to work - it struck a good balance between getting the work done and being sociable, and I never felt left out of any social activities."
Intern, London Unlimited
"Interns made to feel very welcome - both by my HR graduate team, other graduates and other employees from the business. There are various social events organised throughout the internship scheme which are fun and enable you to get to know people on a more informal level."
Intern, Corporate Accounts
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