Interview Questions


"In my interview questions were asked about why I chose the course I am studying and some background about myself. Moreover, a large amount of questions were asked in line with the company's core competencies, and how my experience reflected my proficiency in them."
Intern, London
"Interview questions were aimed more towards personal experiences and times you have shown specific skills that would be useful in the working environment. They were less based on knowledge about the industry and things I had learnt at university."
Intern, Retail Investment
"I was asked questions along the lines of why I applied to the internship and what I wanted to gain from it. This was in addition to questions such as why I chose real estate as a career path. I was also asked to give an example of a time that I have faced an ethical dilemma."
Intern, Manchester
"During my interview I was asked how I had demonstrated the company's values: courage, trust and agility. I had to give examples of times when I had effectively shown specific competencies."
Intern, London
"In my interview I was asked to tell my interviewers about a time when I defended my values, when I had to work as part of a team to achieve your goals, among other questions. We also discussed my CV and application questions."
Intern, London
"Throughout the interview I had to give examples of times when I've shown leadership, and give an example of a piece of work I was proud of."
Intern, London
"I was not given anything unexpected throughout my interview, and was asked questions along the lines of why I wanted to work in property, and which areas of property I am interested in. I was also given some questions about my CV as well."
Intern, London Unlimited
"During the interview I had to ask when I had had to stand up for something I believe in, what made me want to have a career in property, how would you do this/that differently, and which modules I had enjoyed taking part in this year at university."
Intern, Affordable housing
"I was given competency based questions regarding teamwork, perseverance and working under pressure."
Intern, Central London Retail
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