Interview: Tips & Advice


"It is quite an intensive interview process, but it is worth it as there are great opportunities to be fast tracked, and then you get to skip submitting another application later down the line. Top tips: never lie on your application form and let your passion/enthusiasm for a career in property shine through."
Intern, Valuations
"The application process is three-fold: online application, verbal reasoning and a numerical test and finally a Skype interview. You should be confident, personable and prepare questions for the interview that can illustrate that you've researched the company."
Intern, Manchester
"You should definitely give the application process your all. Interns get a fast track interview at the company."
Intern, London
"The application process is relatively thorough, so you should learn about the company and have real life examples to use."
Intern, Valuation
"Research the firm's sustainability and client relation initiatives when applying, and prepare for competency based questions. Focus on personality traits that are in-line with the firm's values."
Intern, London
"I applied with an online application, which did seem long to complete, but I would advise candidates to stick it out. I then did a telephone interview where I was asked both competency and technical questions. For this I would advise candidates to prepare thoroughly and be commercially aware."
Intern, London
"You should know why you want to be in property and why you are applying to JLL. Decide which modules you enjoy. Also, have an opinion on the sector you want to work in and why."
Intern, Affordable housing
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