Interview: Tips & Advice


"The overall process includes: application form (including CV), video interview and an assessment centre (consisting of a number of exercises including group, case study, interview and introduction to the office). My main advice would be to ensure your values align with that of the Credo. Ensure you understand the company's brands but more importantly their values as this will dictate how well you perform in the assessment centre. The best preparation is understanding the company values and also how best to perform in generic assessment centre tasks; practise where possible."
Graduate, Maidenhead
"Multiple steps to the application process. Learn about the company and job role and prepare for competency based questions."
Midlevel, Maidenhead
"You should understand the company ethos and the moral foundations of Johnson & Johnson."
Graduate, High Wycombe
"I found some of the assessment centre exercises challenging. There is a case study (financials expected) and at least one competency interview. I would recommend for those preparing to have a good practice, and a bank of examples using the STAR technique, and importantly learn how to do a basic profit and loss report if this is relevant to your role."
Entry level, Maidenhead
"There is an online application form, telephone or video interview and an assessment centre. Be truthful, focus on what you are good at, and have examples."
Graduate, High Wycombe
"When applying there is an application form, video/telephone interview and an assessment centre. Read and understand the company's credo and understand latest healthcare challenges facing the NHS and pharmaceutical companies. You should also have an idea of what you would like to do in the future and how the graduate programme will help you achieve this."
Graduate, High Wycombe
"Take your time on the application form and apply it to the company wherever possible. When attending the assessment day be friendly and show you want to get a job completed."
Graduate, High Wycombe


"Do plenty of research on the different sectors of the company ( e.g. consumer, pharmaceutical, medical) so that you adapt to the manager who interviews you, and research the topical news items for that sector and for Johnson and Johnson."
Finance, Graduate, Antwerp, Belgium
"Do some background research on the company so that you know about the products, and the company culture, etc. Show your passion for working for the company and what you could personally bring to the role/programme that you're applying for."
Graduate, Inverness
"Do some research on competency based questions and try to understand the LifeScan credo. From my experience, it is also worthwhile knowing what LifeScan do and how the strip works."
Experienced, Inverness
"Many companies make promises regarding their credo which come and go, but the Credo has been in Johnson & Johnson for 125 years and I think it's the driving force behind every decision made. I'd advise you to know and understand the Credo so as to get anywhere with the application process."
Midlevel, Wokingham
"My advice is to do a lot of preparation before attending the interview - learn about the history of the company and the products managed by the company."
Graduate, Inverness
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