One Small Change


"There could be more social integration."
Placement Student, Wokingham
"Personally, I would want there to be a quarterly review within the entire department to help the placement students experience other areas of the company as well their current role."
Placement Student, Maidenhead
"Online training coming through quicker would be an improvement."
Placement Student, Leeds
"Perhaps a more in-depth description of what the job would entail prior to joining my team would be helpful."
Placement Student, Maidenhead
"The opportunity to experience other teams in the company would be great."
Placement Student, High Wycombe
"Getting more time with my placement student for the handover period would make things easier."
Placement Student, High Wycombe
"I would love the opportunity to travel to other sites to see more of the company."
Placement Student, High Wycombe
"The possibility to work with other placement students would be good."
Placement Student, Leeds
"I would prefer if there was more work planned for when line managers are away on business or on annual leave."
Placement Student, Leeds


"I would like to have a little more creativity and meetings with members of particular projects."
Intern, High Wycombe
"If I could change one thing it would be to work as part of a bigger team, as currently my direct team has three people within it - and this can be difficult at times as they are often out of the office. Even though they are available to call or interact with via email, sometimes it's better to have that face-to-face talk."
Intern, High Wycombe
"I would to have a bit more exposure to other brands and departments."
Marketing, Intern, Maidenhead
"Perhaps having a shorter transition period from when I started and when the old placement left could be useful, as I think that two months is slightly too long."
Intern, Maidenhead
"I would like to work at more events and to be involved with this process from the beginning, i.e. location sourcing, stand design and build. However, such opportunities may arise in the coming months of my industrial placement year."
Marketing, Intern, Leeds
"I would personally like there to be more tasks assigned during the first few weeks."
Intern, Leeds
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