Get the inside buzz from graduates at Kennedys

7.7 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 10 ratings in 2017)
"The firm is dynamic, straightforward and friendly."
7.8 / 10
Formal Training
7.1 / 10
Offices & Dress
7.4 / 10
8.1 / 10
5.9 / 10
6.4 / 10
Pro Bono
4.1 / 10


  • Work given to trainees is of a high quality and includes a good amount of client contact.
  • Hours are considered very reasonable for the industry and allow a good work/life balance.
  • The firm's friendly atmosphere makes it an enjoyable place to work.
  • Retention at Kennedys is very high as the firm aims to keep as many trainees as possible.


  • Some feel that recent expansion means that the firm’s focus is divided.
  • There isn’t a lot of pro bono work on offer.
  • Salaries are not seen as being competitive compared to other firms.
  • There could be more transparency around seat choices.

What insiders say about...

"The application process for me was three-fold, consisting of an online screening..."

"Hours are good with lots of social opportunities. Colleagues of all levels are approachable..."

"We have a week long induction to the firm and then regular updated training sessions..."

"My supervisor is great, as are the other fee-earners who sit around me. If I have..."

"The offices are generally all clean, modern and open-plan. Whether I have been in..."

"You are expected to hit your targets, but there is some leeway with trainees. There's..."

"It's a good starting salary in my opinion, but you can never have too much!"

"The food from our kitchen upstairs on our client floor is usually amazing, the staff..."

"It was a five stage process involving an application, verbal reasoning tests, assessment..."

"I had questions around general current awareness including the economic situation...."

"One of the teams is completely paperless with many others currently making the transition...."

"Most of the fee earners in my team are women, so I don't think are any problems here..."

"My role involves letter writing at all stages of the case, telephoning people to..."

"I have not done any pro bono work yet."

"The people and the variety of work you get exposed to as a trainee."

"Supervision and workloads can vary depending on who is your supervisor and which..."

"Kennedys respects the fact that you have experience as a paralegal rather than looking..."

"I think the retention rate is good, nearly 90% I believe."

"The firm has offices all over the world, which is exciting as a junior lawyer."

"Litigation focused, friendly, open to new ideas!"

"The firm has a diversity and equality policy."

"Better case management and time recording systems incorporated into one system."

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