Knight Frank

During my time at university I became more interested in the residential property sector and decided that I wanted to pursue a career in this sector. In the last year of my degree we had several people from different firms come into the university to talk to us about their experience so far. I was immediately impressed by Knight Frank; the firm itself and the application process. In the summer of 2013 I applied for the residential graduate scheme at Knight Frank. The application process consisted of a number of rounds that were welcoming and well structured. These rounds not only gave Knight Frank an opportunity to question those being interviewed but it also allowed them to tell me about the firm, its culture and why I should work for them. This really emphasised the reasons why I had chosen Knight Frank as the firm that I wanted to work for, and so when offered a place on their residential graduate scheme I did not hesitate in accepting.

Since joining Knight Frank I have been a part of a very exciting team of professionals. The first few days of work were spent getting to know the firm and the other graduates. We all took part in many team building exercises and training sessions which were an excellent way of getting to know everyone. Social events were organised with the other graduates, from going for drinks to weekends away and Winter Wonderland. I also decided to join the netball team which was a really great way to meet other people within the firm. More recently I attended the annual cricket match which was a really great evening. Over the last 10 months working for Knight Frank I have made an amazing group of friends throughout the firm who have all been very helpful and friendly; making my experience so far excellent.   

There are seven rotations on the residential scheme, all are three months except sales which is six. The day to day role of a graduate is therefore constantly changing depending on which department you are in. Currently I am in sales in Knightsbridge which is an excellent office to be a part of. Some of the activities that I have been doing include viewings, helping with marketing and assisting in marketing recommendation reports. I have gained an insight into the logistics behind the sale of a property, and also into the market in this area and how it can be affected by a range of different factors.

Knight Frank provides a number of training days not only for graduates but for all employees. They are an excellent way of improving the quality of service that is provided to clients. Everyone is encouraged to attend these training days, which range from training on software systems to team work and business generation training. As a graduate Knight Frank supports you through all aspects of your APC. Every three months each graduate has an appraisal which reviews their diary and work that has been done. There is always someone who we can go to for help and to answer any questions that we may have.

There have been a number of highlights for me over the last 10 months. During the management rotation I learnt a lot about the management of property in London; including the legal side and accounting. Lettings was an interesting rotation as I was in a new office and so gained an understanding about the logistics of setting up a new office and how to generate new business. Highlights during my sales rotation include attending previews of new developments and accompanying partners on pitches for new business.

One particular highlight for me has been the people that I have met so far; everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. The support that has been provided on the graduate scheme has meant that when challenges do arise they have been efficiently resolved. As a graduate one challenge that I have experienced has been meeting clients’ expectations. The support provided by each team has meant that I have been able to ask questions about difficult situations and subsequently meet their expectations.

Knight Frank has a diverse range of departments with highly qualified professionals working within them. There are a number of interesting opportunities available at Knight Frank, from working abroad to being involved in a range of exciting new projects. Knight Frank has a significant influence within the global real estate industry whilst still retaining its culture, ensuring that this dynamic firm keeps its values at the very centre of every development.